Is Location the Most Important Part of Selling a Property?

One of the most popular phrases when discussing property is ‘location, location, location’. It is generally true that those properties that are in the best locations will sell at the highest price, but the definition of the best location can vary. For example, city centre locations offer easy access to shops, restaurants, bars and other amenities, but also have the drawback of pollution and noise. In comparison, more remote locations offer a peaceful setting but are farther from amenities and attractions.

It is important to understand how location can affect a buyer’s opinion when seeking to buy a new property and what options there are for sellers, in order to sell a house more efficiently.

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What Are The Best Property Locations?

House price growth and demand for properties vary across the UK. The south of England has led house price growth in the recent decades with particular reference to London, but in the last few years, the north has been catching up. London has long been a hot spot for both homebuyers and property investors, although the average price of a house in London is consistently so high that many Londoners looking to get on the property ladder struggle to do so.

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The definition of the best location for a property is subjective but those properties that are closer to key attractions, amenities, and educational facilities such as schools, are generally more sought after. In particular, those properties that are closer to good schools tend to be in higher demand and attract higher prices.

City centre properties are often thought of as having major drawbacks and major advantages at the same time, in that there is so much to do right on your doorstep, but it is also very busy with a lot of noise and less green, natural space. High-rise flats are often located in cities and the immediate area can sometimes be unattractive. But again, the close vicinity to so many attractions in city centres is a significant benefit. In terms of price, using London as an example, almost every part of London is now expensive to buy a property as there is so much demand.

Another way to consider the best property locations to live in is those houses and flats that are not actually in city centres but alternatively have good transport links into the city. So, for example, those properties that are within a short distance of a rail station can offer an attractive life balance, especially if the rail line connects to the city centre in a short timeframe. For example, there are plenty of suburbs around Manchester and Liverpool that avoid the drawbacks of city living but have good transport links connecting to those city centres in under half an hour.

What Selling Options Do I Have If My Property Is In A Remote Location?

As a general rule, the more remote the location of a property, the longer it will take to sell. This is simply because there are much fewer buyers than in more populated areas such as cities. If the remote location is also a holiday location, then this can increase interest, but the market for second homeowners is also smaller.

As you cannot change the location of your property, it is important to focus on what you can change to increase the value of your property. In particular, the property's condition. It is important to make sure that both the internal area of the property is clean, tidy, and well presented, and that the outdoor area such as the garden is neat and tidy. A potential buyer moving from the city needs to envisage themselves living there. If the potential buyer is local, then they will most likely know the area so they will also want to be impressed by their potential new home.

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It is also important to understand what price you should look to sell your property for. In a remote location, there are much fewer comparable sales, so it is more difficult to price your house. Sometimes it is worth listing at a ‘guide price’ which doesn’t fix the price and rather encourages more people to view the property before hopefully making a higher offer. You can find more tips on what to do when you are struggling to sell your house on our blog.

The reality however is that there is no definitive timeline as to how long property in a remote location may take to sell. Especially when using the traditional route through an estate agent. It may take many months or even years.

What Is The Fastest Way To Sell My Property In Any Location?

Selling a property through an estate agent can take considerable time, due to the number of tasks involved in listing a property, with no guarantee of when a sale will actually complete. Even when a buyer is found, it is more than likely that the buyer will need to take a mortgage, which causes further delays and risks the sale falling through if the mortgage is not approved.

Serene Homes, as one of the UK’s leading cash buying companies, offers an alternative to the traditional estate agency route by buying all properties 100% cash in as little as 7 days. The process is very straightforward and involves only three simple steps. More information on house cash buying companies can be found on our What Is A Cash Property Buyer page.

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Every person who contacts Serene Homes and accepts an initial cash offer will be offered a free valuation of their property. More information on receiving a free valuation for your property can be found on our Property Valuation page. Further to this, Serene Homes covers all fees including survey and legal fees, and at no point before an exchange of contracts, are you tied in.

When choosing a property cash buying company, it is important to select one that genuinely has its own funding in place. Without this, it will not be possible to achieve a quick sale. Serene Homes is fully funded and does not need to apply for a mortgage or seek external investors. The service is completely hassle-free and once the final price is agreed upon after the survey is undertaken, Serene Homes guarantees to buy the property. More information can be found on our What To Look For In A Property Buying Company page.

Serene Homes will buy any property in any condition and in any location. Our friendly team has vast experience in selling property across the UK and this includes many remote locations. Contact our team today to receive a free valuation for your property and learn how quick and stress-free your house sale can really be.