Selling a House and Moving Abroad

Whenever the decision is made to move abroad, planning is of the utmost importance. There is a huge amount to organise, and this can often include selling a property in the UK. It can therefore be very difficult to align everything with a house sale in the UK connected to the time and planning for the move abroad. This is where a company such as Serene Homes can offer great assistance by purchasing any property in any condition across the UK in as little as 7 days.

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What Is the Fastest Way To Sell A Property?

The normal route to selling a property in the UK involves selling through an estate agent. The challenge that this poses is that there is an unknown as to when a property sale will actually complete. There is a huge amount of work required in both creating a property listing to find a buyer as well as completing on the actual sale.

If the plan is to move abroad and start a new job in 3 months, for example, then it may be necessary that the sale of a property completes within this timeframe. An estate agent cannot confirm that a property will be sold within 3 months, nor any other timeframe. This can create a problem for people moving abroad.

An alternative way to selling a property in the UK is to use a cash buying company such as Serene Homes. There are a number of advantages that Serene Homes can offer to those people who are planning to move abroad:

  • An exact date can be agreed for the completion of a house sale, which aligns with the date of moving abroad.
  • Serene Homes takes no fees so it is very easy to understand exactly how much money will be received from a house sale.
  • Serene Homes can help with removals.
  • If a move abroad is urgent, Serene Homes can complete within as little as 7 days, or a short-term date that suits the property seller.
  • Serene Homes use 100% cash to buy every property and are not reliant upon mortgage funding, which can cause delays.

Expanding on this last point above, most property buyers in the UK require a mortgage. This creates a number of problems on top of the time that is added on with the mortgage application. A mortgage application could actually be rejected, meaning that the buyer is no longer able to proceed with the purchase of the property. This means that selling a house is back to square one and can cause a significant delay when planning a move abroad.

The only way to avoid delays and risks with mortgage funding is to use a cash buyer. If an estate agent finds a cash buyer, then the process involved in finding this buyer will still not allow an exact date for the completion of sale to happen. This is where Serene Homes can offer a very attractive solution to those people who are moving abroad – an exact date can be worked towards with no risk of property sale falling through.

Is There Any Guarantee When Selling A Property?

One of the biggest problems that comes with using an estate agent is that there is no guarantee of when a property will be found and what price this buyer will end up paying. After you find an estate agent, which takes time, there is a necessity to create marketing materials, which takes more time, then undertake viewings. All of this adds on more and more time with no guarantee of when a sale will conclude.

The Serene Homes process is very simple:

Step 1: make contact with a member of Serene Homes.

Step 2: receive a free property survey.

Step 3: complete the required legal paperwork and complete the property sale on a date that suits.

More information on a getting a free valuation for your property can be found here

Once step 2 is completed and the final price for a property has been agreed, Serene Homes offers a guarantee that this price will not change, and that the sale will complete. As Serene Homes uses 100% cash funding, there is a genuine guarantee that a sale will complete at an agreed price on an agreed date. This can therefore align exactly with a date and plans for when the person is selling the property is moving abroad.

The service that Serene Homes can offer is very well suited to people moving abroad. It is highly likely that some kind of timeframe needs to be met for people moving abroad, so they need to be able to plan accordingly. If the timeframe keeps changing because a property sale keeps falling through, then this could put a new job at risk, and actually put the whole move abroad at risk.

Serene Homes, as a leading house cash buyer in the UK, offers a hassle-free service with a complete guarantee that a fast house sale can be completed from start to finish in as little as 7 days. This allows people to meet their deadlines and make the move abroad that has taken so much planning.

Find out more about selling your house fast and contact our team to get started.