Selling a Property Privately

Most people are familiar with the standard way to sell a property. You add the property to the open market through an estate agent, invite people to undertake viewings, and hope that somebody likes the property enough to make a desirable offer. This can be a costly and lengthy process and one that comes with no guarantee as to when the sale will complete.

The alternative is to complete a private sale with a company such as Serene Homes, which is a property cash buying that can complete on a house sale within as little as 7 days and offers a 100% guarantee.

couple selling home privately standing outside front door

What Is the Difference Between an Open Market Sale and a Private Sale?

When a property is made available to the public, this is an open market sale. It means that it is publicly available to anyone who would like to undertake a viewing. An estate agent creates marketing materials, including photos and property information, to entice people to want to come and take a look and hopefully make an offer for the property. The offer would preferably be close to the listing price, which may be fixed or come in the form of a ‘guide price’ which gives an idea of what the property is worth.

A private sale is when the sale of a property is agreed upon between two parties without any public advertising being made. There are no viewings available to the public and the property is not listed on any portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla. There is no requirement for an estate agent as there is only one buyer and one seller involved.

How Does a Private Sale Work?

The first step in a private sale is connecting the property buyer and the property seller. Although there is no requirement for an estate agent to act as a broker in connecting these two parties, they still need to find each other. Serene Homes is a property cash buying company and an example of a private buyer. The company uses 100% of its own funding and therefore does not need to search for another party to buy the property. Further to this, Serene Homes pays 100% cash for every property purchased.

The way in which Serene Homes finds those people who are looking to sell privately is through an online marketing campaign. Serene Homes has a website at and property sellers who are looking to sell their property more quickly, simply need to input the address of their property and some basic details in order to receive a telephone call from Serene Homes.

There are three simple steps in the Serene Homes process:

Step 1: Speak with a member of the Serene Homes team to discuss the property and the circumstances behind it.

Step 2: Receive a free valuation for the property and agree on a private sale price.

Step 3: Proceed with the required legal work with Serene Homes covering the full cost on both sides of purchase and sale.

More information on receiving a free valuation on your property can be found here.

How Quickly Can a Private Sale Complete?

One of the main advantages that Serene Homes offers is the speed at which the purchase of a property can be completed. Whereas a typical property sale through the open market route can take 6 to 12 months, or even longer with no guarantee, Serene Homes can complete on the purchase of a house privately within as little as 7 days.

The speed in which Serene Homes can complete on the purchase of a property is due to a number of reasons:

1. There is no estate agent involved so no time is lost in forming an agreement, taking photos, or preparing marketing materials.

2. There is no requirement for any viewings.

3. Serene Homes buys every property using 100% cash and therefore doesn’t waste time applying for a mortgage or waiting for it to be drawn down.

4. Serene Homes has extensive experience in buying property and therefore can offer a guarantee that every purchase will complete at the agreed price in a very short timeframe.

Find out more about selling your house in 7 days and get a free property valuation within 24 hours.