How Quickly Can I Sell My House?

The normal timeframe for selling a house in the United Kingdom (UK) is 6 to 12 months. This is the time it usually takes to market a property, find a buyer, await the buyer to secure a mortgage, and finally complete on the sale. There is however an alternative route, which is much faster. Serene Homes are a property cash buying company and can complete on a property within 7 days.

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Selling a Property

When you sell your property, the key is to find the right buyer, and that is what takes so much time.

An estate agent needs to be appointed, photos taken of the property, the property listing to be added on portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove, many viewings to be undertaken and eventually it is hoped that a buyer is found. This is not guaranteed, and a property can sit on the market for a very long time.

Further to finding a buyer for your property, you need to find a proceed-able buyer. This means a suitable buyer that is in a strong enough financial position to be able to actually buy the property. Most people need to take a mortgage loan, and this can add further time to the process with the risk that the mortgage application gets rejected, and mortgage paperwork can take months to go through.

More months can be lost with a buyer who is not proceed-able and in the end, if the buyer cannot get a mortgage and is not in a position to buy the property cash, the house sale falls through and it’s back to square one, breaking the home buying chain and putting forward house purchases at risk.

If a house sale falls through it can be a frustrating and expensive process. If six months have been lost finding a buyer that isn’t able to proceed, then this can mean six months of mortgage payments, six months of utility bills, and six months of added stress. All to go back to the start and face another possible six months with again no guarantee that the next buyer will actually complete on the purchase.

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Selling My House Faster

In order to sell a house more quickly, it is necessary to avoid buyers who require a mortgage. Cash buyers are able to buy a property more quickly but even then, it depends on the type of cash buyer. If the buyer is an individual with cash, they still may take longer to buy the property, especially if they are not experienced in and knowledgeable about the paperwork involved. Alternatively, Serene Homes, as one of the UK’s leading property cash buying companies, can guarantee that a house sale can be completed within just 7 days.

Serene Homes offers a hassle-free and swift way to completely avoid estate agents and their fees, sale fall-throughs, wasted time, intrusive viewings, excess mortgage payments and utility costs, and the disappointment of having to go through a lengthy sales process over and over again.

Serene Homes also offers a guarantee that the house sale will complete at the agreed price in as little as a week, which is something that cannot be achieved by selling through an estate agent.

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How It Works

Serene Homes follows a very quick and simple three-step process which includes a free valuation of your property. More information on how to get a free valuation can be found on our property valuation page.

Step 1: Make contact with Serene Homes

The first step is to make contact with Serene Homes to discuss your situation as well as the property you are looking to sell. A friendly member of the Serene Homes team will then be able to make a cash offer for your property in as little as 5 minutes. A desktop appraisal is undertaken on your property which means that the Serene Homes team member looks at comparable sales values of properties close to your homes, and swiftly values your property. A cash offer is then made, and you are free to accept or decline. There are absolutely no fees involved and, as a minimum, you will have received some sound advice on what routes you have available to sell your property. That as well as a free valuation according to available online market research.

Step 2: Provide access to the surveyor and complete legal documentation

The second step, following acceptance of the cash offer for your property, is for Serene Homes to send round a surveyor to officially value your property through a detailed survey report. Serene Homes buy houses in any condition, and you don't need to redecorate before our surveyor vists. This report is paid for by Serene Homes and at no point will you ever be asked to pay any fees; legal, survey or otherwise. Once the survey report comes back to Serene Homes, a full and final cash offer is made for your property. You are free to accept or decline this offer having been subjected to absolutely no fees. During this second step, Serene Homes will already have instructed solicitors to proceed with legal work so that everything is completed as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Complete on the sale of the property

The third and final step in the house cash buying process is completion of the purchase. Serene Homes send the required funds to the appointed solicitor in order for exchange and completion to be undertaken, often simultaneously, and the funds are then forwarded on to your solicitor as the house seller. Both sets of legal fees are covered by Serene Homes with no additional cost to you.

These three simple steps can be completed in only 7 days from start to finish. Contact our friendly team today to sell your property in as little as a week.