What Should I Do When I Am Struggling To Sell My Property?

It's not uncommon for properties to stay on the market for many months, even years. Traditional estate agents will advertise property online, and if it keeps coming up in searches over a period of weeks and months, potential buyers can start to think there is something wrong with it. Here we look at what to do if your house or flat viewings are stagnant, and you are struggling to sell your property. 

Selling a property is not an easy thing to do and it usually takes a long time. Not only do you need to find a buyer, but you also need to find a buyer willing to pay the desired price. And even when you do find such a buyer, there is a risk of house sale falling through because there is no guarantee that a buyer will complete when using an estate agent. 

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What to Do if Your House or Flat Isn't Selling

If you find that you are struggling to sell your property, it is important to understand what the problem is and make amends where possible. When it comes to increasing the chances of selling your house quickly, you have a few options to consider.

Adjust the Price

Price is an obvious factor because any property will sell if the price is low enough, but lowering the price is often not a desirable solution as it means making less money. And if there is a mortgage in place, it is important that the sale price covers the mortgage.

House value

Although not desirable, lowering the listing price of a property is a viable option and one that many people utilise in order to attract more interest for their property. So, a price adjustment may be something that you want to consider.

Increase House Value Before Selling

The condition of a property is another factor. If the condition of a property is poor, then it will put people off as it will be more difficult for them to envisage actually living there. Instructing a local cleaning firm to undertake a thorough clean may therefore be an idea in order to encourage more people to make an offer. Or even undertaking a light refurbishment, which can be done for a relatively low budget. It is usually not too expensive to paint and redecorate a house.


It is often said that people buy properties based on the kitchen and bathroom. This is because the other rooms – the living area and the bedrooms – are usually empty. The kitchen and bathroom often have fittings, types of tiles, and colour schemes that will either appeal to a buyer or not. It is advisable therefore to try and keep things clean and neutral so as to attract a wider audience.

Host an Open House Day

Another idea to help when selling a property is to have an open house day. This involves inviting multiple viewings to be undertaken on the same day and can entice people to make an offer as they see that other people are interested. Open house days are usually undertaken by estate agents so there will be fees involved, but they can create a good atmosphere for prospective buyers.

Change Your Estate Agent

If none of the above is working, then it may be an idea to change estate agents to try and take a fresh approach with perhaps fresh customers. This isn’t always effective though as all estate agents use the same portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. So, if one estate agent is struggling to sell your property, then another estate agent will probably come up against the same objections, whether they be price, location, or condition.

Is There a Faster Way to Sell My Property?

One of the biggest decisions that any property seller needs to make is whether they want to use the traditional estate agency route to pursue an on-market sale, or whether they want to find a private buyer. When following the estate agency route, the typical timeframe to sell a property is 6 to 12 months with a large number of tasks needing to be completed and various fees involved. The tasks include choosing an estate agent, producing marketing materials, listing the property, undertaking viewings, and negotiating with prospective buyers. Fees include legal fees and paying a commission to the appointed estate agent.

Serene Homes offers an alternative to the estate agency route, which is particularly useful for those property sellers who are struggling to sell their house. As one of the UK’s leading house cash buying companies, Serene Homes buys any property in any condition across the UK using 100% of their own cash funding. There is no need for an estate agent and viewings are not required. All fees are also avoided.

In terms of the offer made for your house, Serene Homes offers up to 90% of the market value and customers often find that they end up receiving a similar sum for their property once all costs are taken into account. The major difference however is that Serene Homes can complete the purchase of a property within as little as 7 days, so this is the fastest route to sale.

How to Sell Your House Fast

If your house isn't selling and a price adjustment, improvement in condition, open day, and new estate agent have still not provided the desired results, then selling your house to a cash buyer is another option. Serene Homes offers a private sale service and pays cash for every property purchased. The step-by-step process is both easy to understand and totally stress-free.

Step 1: Contact Serene Homes

Contact can be made via telephone on 0800 048 5392 or through submitting an online enquiry at www.serenesale.com. A member of the Serene Homes team will then be in touch to provide a free online valuation of your property. You will also receive a cash offer for your property within 24 hours of making first contact.

Step 2: Agree a Date and Time for a Free Valuation

Every customer who contacts Serene Homes and accepts the initial offer put forward will receive a free valuation for their property. This does not tie you in and you are free to decline the final offer for your property following the free valuation. Depending on the result of the valuation, the price can change from the initial offer made, but as you have been given a free valuation for your property and have not been subjected to any fees, you have lost nothing and gained some useful information.

More information on receiving a free valuation for your property can be found on our Property Valuation page.

Step 3: Instruct Solicitors and Complete the Property Sale within Seven Days

Following the free survey, if you are happy to accept the final offer made then Serene Homes will instruct solicitors. Serene Homes covers all legal costs and you can feel comfortable that you are free to pull out at any time before an exchange of contracts is made. More information on exchanging contracts can be found on our What to Look For In A Property Buying Company page.

Once you have accepted the final price for your property, the process to when you actually receive the money from your property sale is usually less than a week. The legal process is swift and streamlined due to the highly experienced Serene Homes team, who have bought and sold more than 1,000 properties around the UK.

Is There A Guarantee That My House Will Sell?

One of the biggest problems with using an estate agent to sell a property is that there is no guarantee that the property will actually sell. Even if a buyer is found quickly, such a buyer is legally allowed to pull out of the sale at any time up until contracts have exchanged. This can occur even if a lot of legal work has already been done.

The problem that you have as a property seller is that you are back to square one and need to start the whole process again. 6 months or more could have been lost and if the scenario was to occur again then more than a year could have been lost with bills mounting and more mortgage payments needing to be made. If the property is vacant this can be even worse as it means losing money each month.

The service provided by Serene Homes comes with a 100% guarantee. It doesn’t matter what condition the property is in or what the history is of the property, once a property seller accepts a final price from Serene Homes following a free survey, the sale comes with a guarantee. And as the complete process from first contact to receiving the money for your property is as little as 7 days, you can relax knowing that a stress-free and easy solution to selling your house fast is guaranteed.

Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help if you are struggling to sell your house.