Selling Your Property Privately


The normal way that people sell properties is through an estate agent. There are a huge number of estate agents in the UK so it can be difficult to choose the correct one. The usual process that people follow is to find an estate agent near their property, agree a commission, sign a contract, provide access to the property and all required information, and let the estate agent list the property on portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

Selling a property to a private buyer is an alternative method and here are 7 benefits to doing so:

Benefit 1: Avoid Paying A Commission

One of the biggest advantages of selling a property to a private buyer is the avoidance of any commission that needs to be paid. Paying a commission to an estate agent is a significant sum so if this saving can be made then it is a great way to save money. Also, when comparing the option of whether to sell to a private buyer against using an estate agent, once taking into account all costs and time, the difference isn’t always that much:


Benefit 2: Avoid The Unknown As To When A Buyer Will Be Found

The one thing that an estate cannot tell you is when a buyer for a property will actually be found. It is an unknown. There is simply no way of avoiding the risk related to all the time required to setting up an agency agreement as well as the risk that they may not actually find a buyer for your property. If they cannot find a buyer for your property, you have little option but to either reduce the listing price or find a new estate agent and start all over again.


To avoid this scenario, the alternative is to use a private property buying company, which has the ability to 100% state when the completion of a purchase will take place. Using a company such as Serene Homes means that there is no need to find a buyer because Serene Homes is the actual buyer. The unknown is therefore taken away. More information on house cash-buying companies can be found on our What Is A Cash Property Buyer page.

 Benefit 3: Avoid Mortgage Buyers

One of the biggest frustrations for property sellers is when an estate agent does eventually find a buyer and the sale then falls through because the buyer is unable to get a mortgage. When this happens it is not uncommon for a total of 6 months of time to have been lost due to the months required to complete and submit a mortgage application along with the lending bank taking time to organise a survey, which needs to be paid for.  

 Graphic saying 'Cash is King'

By selling to a private buyer, and in particular a private cash buyer that is a company, the need for a mortgage can be completely avoided. Serene Homes are fully cash funded, which means there is no requirement to find a buyer, as with an estate agent, nor any need to make a mortgage application for finance.

Benefit 4: Sell A Property In As Little As 7 Days

One considerable advantage to using a cash property buyer, such as Serene Homes, is the speed at which the purchase of a property can take place. The normal transaction time for a property purchase through an estate agent is 6 to 12 months and there is no guarantee that a buyer will actually be found.


Serene Homes are able to buy a property in as little as 7 days through an all-cash purchase. Even if the property is in a state of disrepair, Serene Homes will make an offer for your property.

Benefit 5: Get A Free Valuation Done On Your House

When you instruct a formal valuation of your house you will need to pay for this. The typical cost will range between £200 to £500. This is a cost that you will need to cover unless you sell your house to Serene Homes with all fees being covered. More information on getting a free valuation of your house can be found at our Property Valuation page.

Property valuation

Once the valuation is completed, then one of two things will happen – you can accept the final cash offer for your house and completion can take place within as little as 7 days, or you are free to reject the offer and pursue another route. Either way, you will have had a free valuation for your property, and this is incredibly useful information.

Benefit 6: Follow A Simple Three Step Process

The process of selling a property through an estate agent is often complicated and drawn out. This can be very frustrating. There are many steps to be taken once you enter into an agreement and it can be difficult to know which estate agent you want to work with in the first place. Further to this, there no guarantee that the appointed estate agent will even find a buyer.

Serene Homes, as one of the leading UK property-buying companies, offers a very simple three-step process:

As a minimum, you will receive a free valuation for your property and at no point are you obligated to proceed during this three-step process. If you are unhappy with the final price offered for your property, you can decline and pursue another route. If you do accept the final price, completion of the purchase is undertaken promptly and can be done within a matter of days.

Benefit 7: Gain Complete Peace Of Mind

What is usually at the top of a list of priorities for anyone selling a property is having peace of mind. This means not having to worry about what happens next. As has already been pointed out, following the traditional estate agency route cannot really offer any peace of mind because it is not known what happens next. There can be no guarantee of when or even if a buyer will be found, and therefore there can be no guarantee of what timeframes will be followed.

Serene Homes offers a no-frills, simple service and ultimately the aim is to do what they say they are going to do; make a cash offer, provide a free valuation, and complete on the purchase of a property in as little as 7 days with no obligation.

Unlike an estate agent, Serene Homes can offer complete peace of mind so contact our friendly team today to discuss proceeding with a private sale of your property.