Top 10 Tips On How To Sell Your Property Quickly

Selling a house quickly is often important to homeowners. It allows them to make their moving plans with assurance, and helps avoid any unnecessary delays and stress. There are various options available when seeking a quick sale, and it is important to understand the processes involved.

Here are 10 top tips to selling your house quickly:

Tip 1: Decide Your Objectives

The first step in selling your house quickly is to decide what it is you are looking to achieve. Do you need to sell quickly in order to secure your new home? Do you need a quick release of cash for another investment, or to settle outstanding debts? Has your property fallen into disrepair meaning that your options to sell are limited? Has the sale of your property on the market fallen through at the last minute meaning that you are back to square one?

Whatever the reason for seeking a quick sale of your house, firstly you need to understand your own objectives to decide the right way to go.

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Tip 2: Decide Which Route To Selling Your House You Want To Take

When selling a property quickly, you need to decide which selling method to use. You can either use an estate agent and go the on-market route, or you can sell your house to a private buyer such as Serene Homes. Selling through an estate agent will take much longer with typical sales requiring 6 to 12 months, whereas Serene Homes can complete on a property within 7 days. Accounting for the time you can save and costs you can avoid, the difference in final price from Serene Homes vs. an estate agent may not be much in the end.


Tip 3: Appoint The Right Company To Sell Your House

If you choose to sell your house to a property buying company, then it is important to choose the right one. It is important to understand whether the cash property buying company has funding in place, such as Serene Homes, or whether the company needs to find an outside investor which can take more time. It is also important to clarify any fees you will be liable for, and whether you will be bound by a contract preventing you from selling via another route if things don’t work out. Serene Homes cover all fees and do not tie you into any contract or marketing agreement. More information can be found on our What To Look For In A Property Buying Company page.

Tip 4: Avoid Mortgage Buyers

If you really want to sell your house quickly then you will need to avoid mortgage buyers. Not only do mortgage buyers come with a higher risk of the sale falling through due to there being a problem with the mortgage application, but even successful mortgage applications take months to come through.

The most efficient way to achieve a quick house sale is to sell to a cash buyer. Although estate agents do have cash buyer individuals on their books, the typical timeframe to complete a sale is still far longer than selling directly to a cash buyer company such as Serene Homes, who can complete a house sale in as little as 7 days.

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Tip 5: Do Some Research

In the UK, there is plenty of information online to get an idea of what your property may be worth. Rightmove and Zoopla are useful sources and although not entirely accurate, they will give you a feel for what your house may be worth. You can look at what prices similar houses have sold for in the area and you can even speak with neighbours who may have some experience. Ultimately there is plenty of free information out there.

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Tip 6: Get A Valuation Done On Your House

When you instruct a formal valuation of your house you will need to pay for this. The typical cost will range between £200 to £500. This is a cost that you will need to cover unless you sell your house to Serene Homes with all fees being covered. More information on getting a free valuation of your house can be found at our Property Valuation page.

Once the valuation is completed, then one of two things will happen – you can accept the final cash offer for your house and receive the money from your house sale within as little as 7 days, or you are free to reject the offer and pursue another route. Either way, you will have had a free valuation for your property, and this is incredibly useful information.

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Tip 7: Calculate Your Figures

It's important to calculate what you need, what your property is worth, and what you will be left with after fees, which can be substantial.

Selling your home at a discount may sound like a bad idea, but it can help achieve a fast sale and with less stress. Selling quickly can make the difference between being able to buy the house you wish to move to, and losing it to someone without a chain, or who can move more quickly.

It's important to know what your house is worth from the outset. If you are not using an estate agent you may wish to hire a surveyor at your own cost, usually around £300-£500. If you can wait 6-12 months for a sale you should be able to sell at market value. However, if you wish to move quickly you may wish to discount the property for cash. Serene Homes offer a free valuation when you choose to sell your property to us.

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Tip 8: Speak With Family

Selling a house is a very big decision so it is always best to speak with family and friends. Weigh up the different options and get some second opinions. Speak openly, and get their input on whether selling your house quickly is the right thing to do or whether you feel happy waiting longer. If you want to sell your house quickly to allow you to achieve your objectives, then discussing it with your family can help you feel comfortable that you are making the right decision.

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Tip 9: Find Where You Want To Live Next

It sounds obvious, but before you make the decision to sell your house fast, you will need to make sure that it aligns with where you want to live next. If you do not live in the property and it is, for example, a rental property, then that is not an issue, but if you live in the property that you are selling then you will need to organise your next home.

One of the ways that the service of Serene Homes is very useful is that there is a guarantee in place meaning that there is no risk of the sale falling through. So, if you have tried to sell your property through an estate agent and the sale has fallen through putting your next purchase at risk, then Serene Homes can step in to quickly buy your house allowing you to still secure your next home.

Tip 10: Make A Decision And Stick To It

Once you understand your own objectives and you feel happy that you do want to sell your house fast, then getting in touch with a property cash buying company like Serene Homes will offer further assurance that you are making the right decision. At the very least, you will receive a free valuation of your home.

There are only three simple steps involved in the Serene Homes property cash buying process and there are absolutely no fees involved. The service is quick, hassle-free and guaranteed.

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