When Are The Best And Worst Months To Sell A Property In The UK?

One of the most popular phrases when discussing property is ‘location, location, location’. It is generally true that those properties that are in the best locations will sell at the highest price, but the definition of the best location can vary. For example, city centre locations offer easy access to shops, restaurants, bars and other amenities, but also have the drawback of pollution and noise. In comparison, more remote locations offer a peaceful setting but are farther from amenities and attractions.

Another factor that can influence the sale of a house is the timing in terms of which month you sell in the year. In business and in life there are generally busier parts of the year and quieter parts of the year, and this applies to the property market too. It is important to understand when is the best time to sell and which months are generally weaker for sales.    

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What Is The Best Month To Sell A House In The UK?

There isn’t a single month out of the 12 months of the year that is best for selling property. If that was clearly the case, then everyone would just sell during this month in order to get the best possible price! There are however certain months that produce stronger sales than others. As a general rule of thumb, those months in which people are less distracted by holidays and events can act as a good guide.

For example, once people get back to work after the Christmas and at the start of the year, then there is less focus on the holiday period and more focus on getting things done. January therefore can be a good month to sell a house in the UK, which has the added incentive that it is the start of a new year and new beginnings. Therefore, many people are thinking about a new start.

February and March are also reasonable months to sell because there are again less distractions with people staying at home. The mid-term school break in February is mildly influential but then again, this can give people a chance to do more viewings with all the family together.

The months of September and October can also be busy months in the property market as kids go back to school and the holiday season ends. It is also far enough away from Christmas. So, in summary, January through to March, September, and October are busy months in the property market.

What Is The Worst Month To Sell A House In The UK?

As with the best month to sell a house in the UK, there isn’t a single worst month. There are rather quieter periods. With that considered, December is an obvious choice for the quietest month of the year in the property market, due to the heavy influence of the Christmas holiday period. It is however useful to remember that many people want their house sale tied off before Christmas so this can cause an increase in sales during the first half of December especially.

April can also be a weaker month for property sales as many people go away for the Easter break. This also applies to the summer in general as this is the main holiday period of the year when people travel abroad, unlike December in which a lot of British residents stay in the UK.

In summary, the weaker sales months of the year are basically when people are doing other things such as going on holiday, taking care of family or enjoying celebrations. There is no definitive rhyme and rhythm though and it can be surprising how sales can fluctuate across the year, so don’t be deterred by getting your house sold in December before Christmas, as that will give you a new start in your new home in the new year!

What Can I Do If I Need To Sell My House Quickly During A Quiet Period?

The normal way to sell a house in the UK is to use an estate agent. However, there can be considerable time between the point that you first meet an estate agent to the point at which the sale actually completes. So, for example, as it usually takes 6 to 12 months to sell a property in the UK, you could instruct an estate agent in the busier month of January but only see the house sale complete in the summer. And if the sale falls through then that means that you are left trying to sell your house during the busier.

An alternative to using an estate agent is to find a cash buying company that will complete on your house sale quickly and with a guarantee. You can find more information on our What To Look For In A Property Buying Company Page. Serene Homes is an example of a cash-buying company that can complete on a property sale in as little as 7 days. This means that if you contact Serene Homes at the start of January then the sale can be completed with money in your account by the end of January. Giving you that new start to the new year!


The process that Serene Homes follows is very simple. Once you make contact with the company through leaving your details on their website at www.serenesale.com, you will promptly receive a phone call from one of the team. Upon accepting the initial cash offer, a free valuation will be booked in. After the valuation is complete you will then receive a final cash offer for your property, which you are free to accept or reject. If you accept the offer, you can expect to receive the funds for your property in as little as 7 days.

Although you will be selling your property for less than market value, it is not always the case that you receive considerably less. By the time you take into account the costs of utility bills over 6 to 12 months, plus mortgage payments, and of course the fee paid to the estate agent, the difference can become minimal.


Serene Homes will buy any property in any condition and in any location. Our friendly team has vast experience in selling property across the UK and this includes many remote locations. Contact our team today to receive a free valuation for your property and learn how quickly and stress-free your house sale can really be.