Does It Matter Where I Buy a House in the UK?

The first and alternative question to consider when looking at where to buy a house or flat, is are you buying for investment purposes or to have a home? If you are buying a home, then naturally things like commuting distance to schools and shops and amenities will play a part, but if you are buying for investment purposes, then other factors such as rental demand will be more important. For example, are you buying in a student town and do you actually want to have students as tenants? London has continually led the way for investment purposes in residential property, but prices are now so high that it is difficult for young people to get on the property ladder. So, if you are buying as an investment then it may be good to look to smaller places or perhaps where you live locally. Get on the property ladder, learn some valuable lessons, and then incrementally step up and try to slowly build your portfolio.  

Coastal UK town properties

Are Cities Always Better for Investment Property Than Rural?

The obvious answer to this question is yes, due to more people and a higher rental demand. But then again, if you know someone selling a house in a remote location where you can pick up a good deal and there is a high demand for sales and rents locally, then it can work out well. Especially if you secure the property at the right price. Remember… you make your money when you buy rather than when you sell.  Seeing a stronger capital uplift will most likely occur in cities, but it really is always about the price that you pay. Don’t over-pay in a city just because of the location – you could come unstuck. Do your sums, weigh up all the factors and make sure that you have been given good advice by local agents.  

Is London the Best Place to Buy or Should You Look Secondary Cities?

London has been the real tiger in terms of capital growth but there are certainly other cities that are catching up. Cities like Birmingham and Leicester make interesting investment locations, as do those on the south coast such as Bournemouth. Further North in cities like Newcastle and Sunderland, capital growth has been slower but there are certainly good rental opportunities available.   Other interesting locations are cities close to London such as Watford, Oxford, and Reading. Ultimately though it will always come down to price because buying in somewhere like Oxford is drastically different than buying in Newcastle. At Serene, we have experience of buying residential property across the UK. We have bought in practically every location including Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Hull, Preston, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Liverpool, Barnsley, Lincoln, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Norwich, Cambridge, Northampton, Worcester, Gloucester, Oxford, Cambridge, Bedford, Ipswich, Reading, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Exeter, Newport, Maidstone, Chelmsford, Aylesbury, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton, Southampton, Bath, Plymouth, Torquay and across London.

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