Frequently Asked Questions

The best way for any questions to be answered is to call us. However,
here are some answers to common questions that we get asked:

Which areas do you buy in?
We buy anywhere in England and Wales.
Who actually buys my property?
We have our own funding in place and that is why we can complete on any property purchase so quickly.
What types of properties do you buy?
We buy any property in any condition and will offer up to 90% of the market value. We buy houses, flats and even those properties that are no longer suitable for living.
Are there absolutely any fees at all in the process?
No. You will not pay a single penny in fees. We cover everything.
Do you help in situations of divorce and bereavement?
Yes. We aim to assist in any situation but we can certainly work with solicitors to purchase a property in the case of divorce or if dealing with a probate.
What about repossessions?
Yes. We also assist here and can stop repossessions going ahead, meaning that instead of losing your home, you actually walk away with some cash.
What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind, you are free to pull out. We won’t complain and you are not tied into anything. We pride ourselves on our service and understand that situations can change.
How quickly can it all be done?
The process usually only takes two to three weeks but can be done in as little as 7 days. We will work hard to make sure that it’s all done as quickly as you need.
What about my onward purchase?
We will make sure that everything is handled professionally and timely. This includes helping you in relation to your onward purchase. If you need a temporary rental property for example, then we will assist with this too.
How about removals?
This is another area that we can assist with. We have plenty of contacts and can organise this for you too.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. Once we have agreed a final price, then we guarantee that this is the price that we will stick to.