How does it work at Serene Homes?

At Serene Homes, we promise to do all the heavy lifting (literally!) and provide all our customers with a free, no obligation service.

The traditional way to sell your house is by using an estate agent or online agent but the average selling time in many parts of the UK is over 12 months due to advertising, broken house chains, and conveyancing. This can often be a lot of hard work and a very stressful time.

With Serene Homes, selling your property quickly for cash is a straight-forward process. Everything is transparent and we simply aim to purchase your property in as timely a manner as you require.


Our easy 3 step quick house sale process

Buying Process Free Valuation

Simply Enter
Your Postcode

Buying Process 24 hours

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Buying Process Cash

Complete on your Property
Sale in as Little as 7 Days

When you make an initial enquiry, we will provide you with a prompt desktop valuation.

This will be according to the information you provide us combined with research we conduct online. Once an initial valuation is agreed, we go to the next stage of the valuation process by sending round appointed valuers from trusted partners. This will include a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) report.

Once the RICS report is returned to us, we will then be in a position to make a final offer.

That really is about it. If the offer is accepted, then we proceed with the legal process and cover all costs.

As the legal process progresses, we will keep you closely updated with what is going on.

There are no hidden fees and we offer total transparency in every respect. You can feel free to contact us with any questions at any time.

Property Exchange & Completion

Once everything is agreed, then we set an exchange date and a completion date. Sometimes these are the same dates
and we will follow whichever you prefer. Once completed, you will receive funds in full from the solicitor.

Upon agreeing the final offer, we move swiftly towards completion.
Our team handle the full sale cycle and we cover all legal fees.
Once the property is completed, you receive full funds from solicitors.
Contact Serene Homes by calling us or completing the online form.
We will provide you with a free, no obligation valuation of your property.
Following the initial offer, we will send round trusted valuation partners.
Once we receive the RICS report back and accompanying information, we will make a final offer.