Find out how much we’ll pay for your house

We will buy any property in any condition and we will pay up to 90% of the confirmed open market value. The final offer made will depend on a number of issues relating to the official valuation process, but ultimately our aim is to be as fair and transparent as possible. We want all of our customers to walk away with a happy and swift solution.

Unlike selling on the open market, the key advantage to selling to Serene Homes is the speed at which we can move. And as we genuinely offer up to 90% of the market value, the net sum that you receive after everything is taken into account may not be that different compared with what you would have received on the open market. Plus, you are not exposed to buyers pulling out and endless delays.

At the end of each house purchase we request each customer review our service, so we certainly want to make sure that everyone who deals with us is happy. That is why we will aim to pay as high and fair a price as possible, whilst making sure that it is a commercially viable transaction for us. We will always be open from the outset, whether we can make a deal work.

In addition to covering all fees and making sure that the process is completely transparent on price, we will keep you regularly updated as to how everything is progressing. This will give you complete peace of mind. Once completion has taken place and you have received money from solicitors, we will still be happy to help you with the next stage in your journey – whether that be moving home, relocating abroad or any other reason. Serene Homes are here to help.