Property Valuation: What Is the Value of My Property?

Our friendly and experienced team will talk you through how much your property is worth and will provide you with an online cash offer within just 10 minutes.

People often wonder how much their house is worth. Has it grown in value? Has the price gone up or has the price fallen? Do I believe what I hear in the news or what I read online or in the newspapers? Generally speaking, the value of any property will increase over a long enough period of time, but it is always good to regularly understand how much your property is worth.

Once we understand your property type and we have the required information, which you can provide during our call with you, then we can provide you with a no obligation cash offer.

We Provide A No Obligation Free Property Valuation

If you want to know how much your property is worth, then do not hesitate to get in touch. You do not need to instruct a costly valuation if you want to accurately know how much your property can sell for. We can provide this for you in a matter of minutes due to the extensive experience of our team, who have been working in property for more than three decades.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell, please do not hesitate to get in touch because we are more than happy to help. In fact, it gives us great pleasure! We love what we do and love providing a great service. Whether you are relocating, have had a chain, unfortunately, break down, want to move abroad, are dealing with a divorce, have run into financial difficulties, need a guarantee with your sale, or any other reason, please contact us and we will make the whole process of selling your property clear and easy.

What Is the Benefit of Doing a Free Online Property Valuation?

There is absolutely no drawback in getting your house valued. Especially when it is free! It is always useful to know how much your house is worth as well as how much equity is in your property. There are always fluctuations in the property market, and it is good to know what your own position is. Have you made money or lost money? Do you have more or less equity in your property than you expected?

One of the things that we always encourage, is for our customers to do their own research because ultimately, we all look at the same information. The most valuable information comes from knowing what similar properties have sold for on the same street or within ¼ mile. Here are some useful resources for you to use:

How Do We Calculate How Much Your Property Is Worth?

The most powerful methodology of calculating how much your property is worth is by doing comparable research. Semi-detached and terraced houses are the easiest to value, due to more comparable properties, but no matter how unique your property is, we will come up with a value. We guarantee it!

There are also a number of other issues that will affect how much your property is worth – size, structural issues, number of rooms, condition, outside space, private driveway, date of most recent refurbishment, and above all else as the famous quote says… Location, Location, Location!

Is There Anything Else That Can Influence the Value of My Property?

There are so many factors that can affect the value of any property, although location is always the most important factor. On top of that though, proximity to schools, green areas nearby, access to public transport, and standard construction type call all play a part. As does affordability for that area.

Sometimes what can happen is that people can price themselves out of the local market. What this means is that embark on a very personal refurbishment and forget that the property must be affordable. Adding a hot tub to the back garden can be a nice extra, but it won’t necessarily increase the property value. Nor will adding lots of bespoke touches inside. Sometimes it’s best to leave things plain, especially if the property is an investment rather than a home.

Are There Any Useful Tips to Retain the Value of My Property?

The best tip is simply to take care of it. Also, be careful when adding very personal touches or colours – not everyone likes crazy pink or avocado green! If it is your home, then you will of course want to decorate it as you see fit, but it’s always wise to stay within a sensible budget and consider the future. The type of tiles in bathroom and carpet colours can also be influential.

The other major tip is to continually understand the value of your property – especially after you have completed some kind of renovation or refurbishment works. Again, that’s where we can help you with a free no obligation valuation of your property. Get in touch and let us show you how good we are!

Are You Ready to Sell Your Property?

If the time has come and you are ready to go, then definitely get in touch with us before considering the traditional route. You may find that the end result financially is not that different. And if we are able to complete in 7 to 10 days, then it’s worth at least giving us a shout!

As we work on a no obligation basis and at no point are you tied into the sale before completion, we suggest that you let our team value your property and present you with an attractive offer. If you are not happy, then all you need to say is “no”. We will give you some free advice along with your valuation and wish you the best of luck in the future.

How Much Will You Offer for My Property?

We offer up to 90% of market value although it does depend on a number of factors, including property type and location. On average, we offer 80% to 85% across England and Wales, but will certainly offer 90% if the numbers work well for both sides. Regardless of the percentage, we guarantee to buy your property within 7 to 10 days. Flats can take a little longer due to management inquiries needed and leasehold information, but we still complete on flats within 2 weeks.

Are You Better Than an Estate Agent?

We don’t think of it like that. We are different to an estate agent. We offer a different service. We avoid viewings and chain breaks and letting you down. Yes, we pay less than market value but for many people that financial difference is worth it for the no obligation guarantee.

Whereas an estate agent can on average take 6 months to sell your property, we will do it in 7 days. You can sit back and relax with the knowledge that we are doing all the work and that everything is guaranteed. We don’t criticise estate agents – there are some great agents out there, but we offer a different service. We do also work with estate agents to get a better understanding of how much your property is worth.

Is the Price Truly Guaranteed?

Yes, the price is truly guaranteed. We use our own funding so do not need to go out there to find investors to buy your property. The only time the price can change is if the survey that we will instruct highlights an issue. We are honest and open about that. If we, for example, offered £90,000 for a £100,000 house and the survey highlighted a structural problem, then we would need to adjust our offer because the value would be less than £100,000.

In most cases, the initial offer that we make to you is the final offer that you will receive. And once the final survey is done and complete, the price cannot change. It is not in our interest to keep changing the price because we cover all survey, legal, and administration costs.

What If I Change My Mind?

We will be sad to see you go, but we will not stand in your way. You will never pay a penny for any costs or fees so we will simply wish you good luck. It is unlikely that you will though because we offer such an outstanding service, but rest assured you can pull out at any time before we exchange contracts on the property.

Our whole service is based on saying what we do and keeping our word. And once the sale is complete, we will ask you for a review… so we certainly want to deliver!

Get in Touch with Our Property Valuation Experts

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